Not for the Scientifically Illiterate

If god is real, then why not the Zeus?

From retarded apes, we have diverged.

From near extinction, we have profused.

Our mental growth has been induced;

Yet irrational thought has come merged.


Despite technological progress,

The human mind has not overcome

Superstition, an old oppressor.

Human wisdom has long been suppressed,

By religion which we have succumbed.


Da Vinci, the grandest commencer.

Darwin, the greatest liberator.

Hawking, provider of evidence.

Quantum mechanics to the defense!

Nonsense to the incinerator!


A universe without origin,

Is a universe without a god.

General relativity in

With quantum mechanics, forbidden

Combination by ignorant frauds.


Space-time forms a finite, 4D space.

Singularities or boundaries,

Therefore, cease to exist, which displaces

An origin for which is embraced,

By humans filled with stupidities.

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Our world
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