Just a beleaf


I belive in one God creator of heaven and earth 

because thats my religion since my birth 

it doesnt matter if you believe in ying and yang 

or that the world was created with a big bang

it doesnt matter if you pray five times a day to the great merciful Allah

or if youre an athiest that doesnt believe in nada

because we are all branches of the same tree

you have a heart and sould just like me

so open your eyes 

and see past the lies 

youre looking at a tree when you should see the forest 

look at us we are suppose to be one chorus 

we should see our same roots not our split limbs 

instead we start wars over the language of hymns 

it doesnt matter if you read the 7 valleys, the 5 classics, the vedas, the quran, the torah, or the bible

because all we want is to be the worlds next idol 

we are now just leaves blowing in the wind 

of our own mortal sin 

we should be reaching toward the light to let ourselves bloom 

yet we would rather there be an atomic boom 

so you see it doesnt matter what we belive because if we cant see past a religion 

there will always be a division 



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