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You had me beside you
We laughed
We talked
We were perfection…
Up until the point where I was charmed into your words
You came up with the idea
And I had found a spot
And together we dug
But not deep enough for us to get stuck…
…Then you kept digging
We both knew the consequences
But you still led me to believe that we could find a way out in the end
I dug deeper trying my best to catch up so I wouldn’t lose you
But that was my downfall
Because between all of that,
Unknowingly to me
There was a point where you stopped digging…
..And I kept going…
I called for you, but your response soon faded into a whisper
Someone must have shown you how dangerous this was getting
But I was ready to fall
I was ready to fall with you…
But that someone brainwashed you
Had you stop digging and helped you out of that hole
Was that what you wanted?
You wanted so badly to see the sun?
Not every dark place is evil
And I would have never let that color paint your skin
But through reaching the sun, that’s the shade your eyes
And your words turned
You had to let me get deeper in that hole before even thinking about saving me
And when I was down so far that you could barley see me…
You called my name and promised me the sun….

I kept digging
You have to be worthy to see it
I wasn’t worthy
But you promised our hole
That we would dig once again
And slowly, but surely I tried to climb out
But just like that you would switch
And your heart would get dark too
You threw rocks to keep me down
But I stopped digging
By then it was too late
You left and so did the sun
In that dark I climbed from that hole
Not for the promise of the sun
Not for the promise of our hole
But for me
I couldn’t stand to watch you think you’d actually reach the sun with skin so dark
If it’s even really possible to be reached
But while you’re building a plane with all the wrong tools to get there
And still trying to put me back in that hole…
I sit here
Shovel in hand
Ready to see the dark with someone who is just as ready
Because I’d rather die knowing it was the truth
Then live a lie to find a way to the sun…
That I’m not sure is there….


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