Wed, 03/09/2016 - 13:30 -- dshrewz

In the lonely darkness
Stands a kind, but hurt orphan
She goes by the name, Lauren
Hiding her tears with smiles
While looking up at the night sky
Noticing its the only beautiful thing...
In her life

Lauren, then, begins to run
Thinking of her life makes her wonder
If she's officially done
Breathing heavily and crying loudly
But she'll never be able to say,
"This is my life." proudly.

Her blood has abandoned her
And the so- called "orphan parents" don't care
Day after day she begins to lose hair
Stress won't leave
Unless death starts to achieve
Lauren says to herself
"I hate my life! "
So what's in it for me?

School is just torture
She is surrounded by teachers with no love
And wealthy girls who think they're above
Christmas is an ordinary day
However for others its gifts and time to pray
Lauren tries to speak to god,
But she doesn't know what words to say

Just like any other day
Losing weight is the goal
Girls scorch her with mean words
They are beginning to blister her soul
If she gets any thinner
She'll be skin and bone
But in order to get through the day
She does what shes told

Lauren is ignorant when it comes to sleep
Because every nightmare ends with a weep
Paleness and dark eyes cover her face
When seeing the police her heart begins to race
She doesn't wanna go back to that place

The beating of her heart slows down
Her head then gets dizzy
And suddenly her body hits the ground
She was done her mind had a drastic fall
Because of the cruelty
Lauren's death began to crawl..

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