Captivated By World


T’was not at once mine own love with her fell

And not many a moment did it take

For her to see and crack my inner shell

Still I did offer her my soul to break.


Dawn birthed at last with unveiled gray form,

White thorns on either side stained with old wounds.

She rode atop its hide, her touch still warm.

World had taken me, not for my boon.


But You saw pain and healed my heart, O’ God,

Ney could I deserve your unfailing love,

You accept me still, sin I dare not prod.

Lead me up, Lord, to the heavens above!


Abba, I pray that I shall do thee well

You led me from the pit, my life of hell.



I wrote this in my senior year and wanted to know of any revision is needed. this is a tale of heartbreak and redemption. The second stanza describes an elephant, a play on the "elephant in the room," or the serious problem in the life of the narrator that is constantly ignored. The narrator is immersed and loved everything about the world, whom is personified as the woman in this poem. He is trapped in his evil, worldly way of life, and is in too deep. The world is welcoming and tempting in appearance, but it is soon discovered that there is much evil in it. Listen to the song "Everything" by Lifehouse. It describes this struggle of redemption.

Zachary Harris

Love it!

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