Religion is alcohol;

an addiction to judging.

So many people drink it’s poison and their minds get hazed.

They become close-minded;


Sipping on beliefs from an old book,

drinking the blood of other’s misery,

poisoning one’s mind with the predispositions of the people they don’t understand.

As the world changes, they change too

putting up wall;

paraphrasing a book written by the same people who take that sip;

or really a chug.

But what they don’t understand is we all have our insecurities,

need to drink away our shattered hearts and open wounds.

Yet so many people quit the drug because they can’t handle it’s side effects.

Because they know when you drink too much you begin to deteriorate.

Your drink becomes a part of you,

etched into your bones.

They tell their lies,make up their reasons-

but all the excuses add up.

When you always take a gulp, you will drown in it’s toxin;

When really, it the little sips that count.

When you take your time and don’t blind yourself in it’s misinterpretations you will really see what it means.

You will see it for it’s serenity

for the calmness that seems to cover you in hope.

You see the love all around you,

the freeness this world has come to.

So what is it meant to be big drinkers?

Why do you need to cover your lies?

None of us are perfect there is no reason to hide.

So take a smaller sips, enjoy the world around you,

because someday it will all be gone.  


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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