Living In Light

Mon, 04/28/2014 - 19:14 -- jdarby


Living in the dark

No light shining forth

Except from overhead

Providing a bounty of endless warmth

I see all around trees of death and grass of life

With a road cutting through

The people on it wishing there was just more

More to this life

More than just watching death surround us

Why is it there

Why does it watch us

And yet there is something here

The light causes the dark to fear

I wonder still

How can I live in this terrible world




There’s too much happening

Yet at the same time there is peace

Because the light shines on me

Even though I cannot see ahead of me

And only remember the obstacles behind me

The light illuminates the area I need

Chills creep up my arms

I trip and fall

The light fades

And I’m alone

Lost in the dark

I cry

Louder and Louder

Wishing for the light to come back

I reach out

Cursing my existence

To wander lost forever

Not knowing what is to come

Thinking that there was someone there

Then my hands brush against

Goosebumps erupt from my arms

I feel a touch

“Stand Child” I hear

I am helped up

“Open your eyes”

I was once blinded, but now I see

The light envelopes me

And holding my hand

I can only feel

But he’s there

I’m not alone

This world was created by this light

And yet darkness surrounds it

But this light follows me

And I will follow it

No matter where it leads me

I love this light


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