Heaven Just Met Hell

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 19:54 -- Tabtila

We walk the Earth like we own it
We live as if we can live forever
Commit sins, show arrogance, and show no fear to anyone or anything
We say we are living our life, we choose to close our eyes at the good and open it to the evil
Enjoy life...
Till you die...
Scream, laugh, commit sins, commit adultery, have fun with whomever you choose,
But you know who gets the last laugh? Death does.
Make it to heaven.... or Enter Hell
Open the gates to long rivers of sweetness, lush greens with fruit, and brilliant rooms
Or choose the fire blazing from within, Fire 7 times worse than what you burn from now; scream now in joy or agony at all the fun you had in life.
Is it still fun?
Burn, burn, burn the sins away, you had time to repent for everything you chose to have fun... live life, die in death.
But there is an afterlife.
Heaven just met Hell
Heaven quivers from the heat and fire, Hell burns from the innocent winds that escape from Heaven.They turn their backs on each other and return to their stations.
Entertaining their guests.
Live your life there is nothing to lose
But remember the fact that there is a grave choice to be made.
So which do you chose?
Good or Evil?
Love or Punishment?
Heaven or Hell


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