A Shadow of Light

I am but a shadow of light.

 I am darkness, but He is white.

 He is my strength in the storm,

 My courage when I am worn.

 The shadow that is me

 Haunts, creeps, and begs me to flee.

 But the light that exists,

 Gives me power to resist.

 I am but a shadow of light.

 I am reflection of the light,

 But even though I try,

 My nature turns light to night.

 I am but a shadow of light.

 I walk amongst other shadows,

 But some shine brighter than others.

 The bright shadows walk through valleys

 As though they are untouched

 By the dark of the valley.

 I am but a shadow of light.

 I am a humble servant.

 And I am certain

 That the light of which I am a shadow of,

 Loves me unconditionally.

 And that is why, when I die,

 They will say that

 I am a shadow of light. 

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