"The Menu"


-I walk into the restaurant tightly holding onto my Father's hand. All around, I see other guys. Some my age, some a bit older, and even some younger, all in line and quickly ordering what they want from the menu. I hop in line, but Father says its not my time. He says I'm not of age, wait, but I see other people my age and even YOUNGER ordering! Why can't I?
He took me by the hand, walked over to the stand, and asked the man if I could take a glance at the menu. There were a ton of things to choose from. As the qualities increased, so did the price. At the very top, were the most nice. The best variety of what was on the whole menu. They were called, "P-31s" and were worth almost a 20-27 year life saving! But the price was reasonable. These are very rare nowadays, and took a LOT of time and patience to make...but proved to be the very best and whoever actually spent enough time and patience to save up the type of money to buy one, was ALWAYS more than satisfied, opposed to the cheaper ones on the menu of whom seemed to be vast in stock and was quickly being bought by the boys in line.
They are heavily advertised on IG, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to seem like they last forever. Even more common in music and music videos. But all the wise people knew that they only lasted for at MOST a year or two, and even during that year, many troubles occur. But it seemed the boys didn't have the patience to save up their money for the P-31s, so settled for less. My Father stoops down, and looks into my eyes to speak to me...
-"Son, you're not like everyone. You're special. You're my son. I'm gonna begin giving you an allowance and within years, it'll all add up, and I'll come here with you and choose the PERFECT P-31 off the menu for you. I know them all extremely well. But you must do your part and obey me. Save your money son. When these boys buy their cheap ones and offer you some, run. They walk in darkness, you walk in the sun. You're different from everyone. Do we have a deal..?"
I nod my head slightly, and He seems surprised I took that lightly cause it was obvious in my face that the word, "patience" would bite me...but I put my trust in Him, held His hand once more, and walked out of the store. It's been 3 years since that day...and I must say it got hard along the way but I hold on tight to what my Father has helped me save...and I know that one day, I'll walk right back into that store and while others are buying harlots that will soon begin to bore, I'll buy something much more...a P-31. The rarest and most valuable thing in the store.
I'm saving up.


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