I Believe


I believe that people use religion as a way to escape reality.  However, I love Jesus.

I believe that work is just a way to get paid.  However, I love my job.

I believe that family is just an image that everyone wants to see as perfect.  However, I love my family.

I believe in myself.  However, I have doubts.

I believe that life moves on.  However, I love my life.

I believe that other people are naturally selfish.  However, I hate no one.

I believe that time flies and eventually runs out.  However, I enjoy the time I have left.

I believe that money does not bring happiness.  However, it is necessary in many situations.

I believe that health is a main source of happiness.  However, Jesus did not hate even when he was dying.

I believe that grades do not accurately show how great a student is.  However, I have great grades.

I believe the past should stay in the past.  However, the past tends to repeat.

I believe that the future is going to be a happier place for me.  However, I worry about my future.

I believe that war is useless.  However, the world is far from peace.

I believe that friendships are the strongest of all bonds.  However, friends come and go; I will most likely never see my friends from high school after graduation.

I believe that love is the reason the world continues to spin.  However, I cannot commit to anyone in any kind of relationship.

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