Contributing Factors

There is no end in site.

Stereotypes exist because of..:

Muslims who blow things up,

Christians who wrongfully judge,

Awkward and nearsighted nerds,

Blonds who aren’t very bright,

Gays who act like women


Lesbians who act like men.


Accept it or not, like it or not…

We each fall under a stereotype.

We each get fingers pointed in our direction.

People whisper behind our backs.


Thieving, murderous, young blacks,

Racist, white supremist rednecks,

Brunettes with brilliant minds,

Drill Sergeants who yell commands,

Hippies who soar through clouds


Weaselly, silver-tongued salsmen.


Accept it or not, like it or not…

How we act, how we dress, how we live,

What we say and how we treat others…

How they act, dress, live and treat others…

Contribute to and fuel stereotyping.


There will be no end till the END.


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Our world
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Fitzy Marlote

I apologize if any of that is offencive to any of you. Unfortunately the truth normally is. Sadly; there isn't enough love to conquer such evil.

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