From the Heart

it's too much going on

i have too many emotions

wanna say my thoughts out loud

but there's no one here to open up

to me

it seems like everything is breaking

cause i'm looking all around

and all i see is pain and tears falling



that's where my energy is going

as life becomes more about surviving

when empty, wealthy people are overflowing

i see the hurt and misery and it's hard to keep inside

all the perspectives and ruin i see

it's ruining my vibe


i'm alive but i don't feel it

i'm hurting and in pain

and i swear sometimes God feels me too when on cue he makes it rain

and i feel the rain but it can't stop my eyes from seeing truth

the reality around me keeps me down, out and confused




spiritual regression

I feel it all around and it's a mess we have to live in


Someone please pray for the children as they grow up and realize

the dark that's constructed around them has been carefully devised 


They need a God


Give me God,

I'm fighting this


Give us God

it's brightening

Give us God

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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