Daddy Issues


Mama keeps telling us to wash the dishes.

I am lying here, with my young dumb stuck in slumber mind, thinking why Mama just did not do it herself.

But I know better to question her because I know the Coucou stick will come out before I whip the first word out of my mouth
Mama it will get done 

Last night Laurel asked me " Jazz, what if we never meet what if one of us lived with our father"
Well I'm sure things would've been different.

No representing Bk.

No burger king have it your way.

More like jambalaya falling over a bowl of rice.

Sometimes I do not think God’s blessings are falling over me.

 Sometimes I lift my cup up and I do not think it is full enough.
God why am I still thirsty?

 Did I take from the wrong tree?

 That serpent got a hold of me.

I fell down hard from your mercy.

Where is Daddy? Is he coming to save me?

From this monsters horrible monsters, trying to seduce me.

Daddy, where are you I need you to save me?

To call me beautiful when they call me ugly.

To beat the boy up who broke my heart.

You are the reason for temptation led by conversation that bought on a sensation that has changed a nation of princesses into slaves.

Bowing to men posing as God.

And God is jealous.

I never was taught the characteristics of a real man or the language of gentlemen...
So to Laurel I said, "I think about it all the time sis. Maybe we'd never have to wash dishes."

And she said “but we would never be like this."

So close knit, two corns on a comb, and two peas in a pod.

I am truly blessed to have you sis
Never forget what God has blessed you with.

You fall down but you get right back up.

Born in sin and shaped in iniquity.

 Stand tall and take your birthright for you are a King 
Stop letting boys hang their sexual desires on you

They should be bowing at their knees and throwing rose petals at your feet
stop trying to look for yourself in the arms of other men then trying to find the God in them.
For God will never live where your temptations exists.

Your fears, your loneliness, your insecurities.

Forgive yourself before you destroy yourself by giving into temptations. 
You never needed friends to guide you; you never needed money to make you, and never needed a father to call you beautiful because that is how God made you

In his image and his likeness.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

 That is what the scripture says. Marvelous are your works and God knows that right well.
So just because your Daddy hurt you and just because he left

What is not beautiful about your smile?

Your friends will laugh with you, your siblings will look up to you, your mother will embrace you, and God will love you. 
I never knew this kind of love existed.

And I started loving myself this year.
All of this to say you never needed a father to care

God's love was always there.

Guiding and protecting you

Don't regret a single yesterday          
So sweet the journey when you learn to love yourself, accept yourself, forgive yourself
So for your first broken heart, for your first school performance, for your first day in college, and for your first child.

God is opening his arms to you; 
laying out breadcrumbs for you, ordering your steps
will you follow him? 
Rebecca can, Victoria will, Amber did 



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