Seven Deadly Sins


In other words, Donald Trump.
Though it shows itself in little ways
We want more than we have
Living comfortably with extra money in our wallets
As we pass the homeless man in a wheelchair whose medical debt far outlives him
And do not do not do not make eye contact.


Portrayed as the local slut, kissing every guy she meets and maybe a girl for funsies
Rather, it may be the man who claims he couldn't help himself
When a drunk girl in a short skirt looked so damn appealing
He took her to a bedroom and masturbated with her body
A night she wouldn't remember; bills for a rape kit that would haunt her forever


Wanting what others have.
The words "I'd kill for those shoes" 
Sounding like a joke, two weeks later a dead body found missing its shoes


Eyes bigger than your stomach
Or perhaps it's taking the food a starving girl needs and buying it for yourself
Hoard gold and jewels like a dragon
Until your apartment looks like King Midas' anus.
Greed and gluttony are not so different.


Kill a man for looking the wrong way at you
Or perhaps releasing private pictures of an ex who cheated on you
Revenge porn, is it called?


Not working to earn your own meals.
No, it's more like not working because you sit on a throne of Daddy's money.
Taking 407 vacation days in an eight year presidency.
Thirteen point nine percent of the forty third presidency was on vacation.


Perhaps the worst sin of all
I can run this better than you.
Back to Donald Trump.
"I will be the greatest jobs president God has ever created"
He says, as his businesses tank further and he pretends to be paying undocumented Polish workers

Seven sins, so condemned
Seven sins, so unquestioned.

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My country
Our world
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