Look while it drips and rains

He feels our pain

Yes, like us he weeps and cries

Hence the drops fall from the sky

While grieving for the fate of man

And the rejection of His mighty hand


The seas house the tears like grand bowls

Each one shed for a lost soul

He weeps for the faithful woman abused

And for the cowardly man of the crime accused

And for the young boy with no power to choose

The path that which his soul will follow

And the choices that leave his spirt hollow


He weeps for the perverse one

Who by night defiles his youngest son

And who sits present in church the next day

Criminal by night...saint by day

For the girl who longs for glamour and fame

For the man who lures her to the street corner, 

the lion's den 

And for the parents who will never see their 

daughter again


He weeps for the drunkard, who took the life

Out of anger, his son and his pregnant wife

For the addict, whose body and mind remain captive

Blind to the path of the morally active 

And lives enslaved to his demon, acid

Indeed He weeps for all who fail to understand 

And grasp onto, hold, His master plan


The skies thunder as the murders continue

As mankind loses all sense of virtue

And the tide grows, it washes the beach

As we continue to reject the gospel preached

While we grow in our desire, a human leech

Yes we must retain the faith, the size of a mustard grain

All this we see...as the heavens rain.




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