Bedroom Churches

Help me father
For I have sinned
Dunk me in your holy 
Let me begin 
Again for the fifth 
Time standing in line 
For my judgement card. 
No rapture can erase 
Black stains on my collard 
Shirt sleeves. 
White lies stain 
White pillows corroded 
By tear drops 
The monster in my closet 
Makes my 
Heart stop 
Cowardice keeps my eyes shut 
I could lie forever but 
I don't want to be afraid. 
In his absolute reality 
Catching me finally 
Redemption only comes in you 
Kneeling worthy only 
To you 
Bedroom sermons 2 am 
No invites 
No stars and circles 
No crosses or sigils 
No need for empty promises. 
I can't cheat you 
You are what I am 
Felt what I felt 
And I could never 


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