A Grudge with God

           It is awfully hard to pick a fight with something that you can not see or reason with.

All my life, the one thing that I have never seen, the one thing to which I have not been formally introduced.

The thing that I have not been able to shake hands with, look dead deep in the  eyes, or sat down with to have a "tête à tête",  is the one thing that has everyone else convinced.

So convinced of its very existence that it is almost tangible, palpable even.

So naturally I am filled to the brim with question seeking to understand.

All senses applied, it evades every single one.

It may be that, it is so mysterious, is the reason for the belief in its existence. 

          Lurking somewhere, out there on the fringe of reason,  on the very precipice of sight, too far to touch and the mutest of sounds to hear.

The notion of God, the belief in the existence of something bigger than us.

Why the need for this? I do confess, it is very easy to give in to this belief, after all I have to attribute my existence somehow to a bigger "something".

Where that notion murks up is when it falls at the center of every conflict around me and within me.

We are consumed, I am devoured, it overwhelms, but delivers no answers; unnecessary because we beat each  other with our diverse interpretations of what this God "is". 

And as an added bonus, we conveniently shield our selves of all blame, all in the name of the so called God.

 The one thing that confuses the most and of all, is also the one thing that we are not to question; BLASPHEMY!!! if you do.

So I blaspheme now, searching for answers, for a response.

Whenever "you" are ready, respond.


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Our world


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