satan, you Lose


United States
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I know you play for keeps but my God does too. And I can guarantee he is much better than you. He loved me so much he died on a cross. What you bring to the table and what you have done is one in the same; all you offer me is loss. Now His love and His mercy are everlasting. Your hate and your deception just leave me crashing. The things you whisper seem good at first but so did that apple. It dangled from the tree then you came with temptation and now so many people are a pawn in your scheme. They’re doing your work and playing on your team. You may have won that battle but you have lost the war. This pawn, you see, is no longer one of yours. I will make it a mission to further His kingdom. Any place that I go I will surely be with Him, all the things to be done are a part of His vision. He draws up the plays- execution is key, and when I get tired He offers His knee. This player has no worries because He’s also the referee. This means He is the coach with the plan, the ref with the power, and the bench with the rest. Is it not obvious? His good is better than your very best. I mean sorry it’s true…any way you look at it, He has already outplayed you. Winners never cheat and cheaters never win, this long time saying wasn’t just for pretend. You’ve cheated this world out of so many things and to list them would only end in horrible screams. And no, not from your fans but from the anger within me. I hate what you do and I hate who you are, despite what you think….you are not the All-Star.


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