The clock is set back and time is rewound

As I look behind myself and contemplate

I see a girl, chiding - so afraid to be found

Lying beneath an oak in a cowering state


She searched for an answer

The question was life itself

Until a whisper draped over her

A hushed hope answered her cry for help


Aching bones and a heart filled with hurt

Yet a reminder from the creator Himself

The promise made that brought comfort

He joined in her suffering and mimicked her health

By sending a son who diminished His wealth

By dying as lesser than even the girl

By dying as a sacrifice for even the world


Calvary held the shell of a man

That showed the girl no matter the pain

She has a savior who unfolded the plan

That the God she would worship and claim

Knows of her struggles first hand as a man


Time catches up and here I am

I stood up that day and began to walk

It was God who helped me, no not a man

It was God who stood with me and fought


Now I have my answer and carry hope

I have with me the very light of the creator

The one who teaches me how to cope

The one who brings healing to my bones

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This poem is very personal to me. I just wanted to share the healing that God has brought me through this year. Life isn't automatically easier with Him on my side but He has brought me the courage to fight and has given me hope. 

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