Dear Politically Collective Tykes of 2017

I have a black friend 

And I have a white friend 

It's not racist 

It's a fact 

(Unless I actually don't have one) 


I have a friend that's black 

And I have a friend that's white 

Yet every time someone says it 

It provokes a fight 


Anything about race invites trouble 

Bringing thousands of protesters on the double 

Whenever Liberals do this, things get worse 

Almost as if they were hexed or cursed 


Altruism and equality is what they preach 

Yet fascism and regimentation is what they teach 

Democracy is the ideology they abide 

Yet their very wish is for the world to divide  


You claim that there are 33 sexualities and 76 genders 

But it's just a fad that got spread on Tumblr by Trans Trenders 

Some of you identify as otherkin or another age 

Some of you have a list pronouns for us to memorize that fill up the whole page 


Islam is a religion of peace 

Yet thousands of innocent lives are taken by this toxic ideology in the Middle East 

"Anything bad is done by the extreme" 

You're both still Muslim whether you are radical or moderate, so what do you mean? 

Islam exists only because people fear being murdered if they leave 

Oh, what a horrible act indeed, when first we practice to aggrieve 


I don't understand why you feminists categorically hate men 

Yet you post pictures online in hopes to get rated with nothing but a ten 

If you want to be fat then go right ahead 

You're going to be the one in the hospital lying on the deathbed 


Why do you gratify the well-being of criminals?  

I'm honestly not sure if you people are hominal 

Since you're obviously capable of getting things done 

Do the law enforcement a favor and stop calling 911 


Open borders in the United States would cause a plethora of chaos; cacophony 

Remotely congruent to what happened in Germany 

Among thousands of illegal immigrants are already living here and are hard to trace 

Unfortunately for the homegrown Americans, we would not enough jobs or space 


And then there's so-called the conservatives 

Who find the legality of cannabis by US jurisdiction superlative 

Take opium, alcohol, cocaine, meth, or heroin, (or even copious amounts of pharmaceutical drugs) on a regular basis and you will die 

Can't say the same thing about weed (because that would be a lie) 


You're too psychologically beleaguered to know that abortion rights are pro-life 

It's not up to the husband, but the wife 

For over 50 years, aborticide was something you people quell 

Would not admittance anyone to accredit the cachet of life to a few beastly cells 


So many of you think that global warming is a fraud 

I find that, frankly, very odd 

Melting glaciers, early snowmelt, and severe droughts will cause more drastic water shortages and increase the risk of wildfires in the American West 

But you probably think they're just random speculations coined by science-invested pests 


Don't even get me started on how you view Christianity 

In your eyes, it's an innocent, apt, perspicacious, sanity 

But in reality, it's an astronomical guile spread by sophists 

Nothing profound ever comes out of the mouth of theosophists 


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