Thank God He's a Muslim


Thank God he's a Muslim,
the archetype of scapegoats--
an impeccable paradigm
of the un-American American
See he's fit as the source of
any evil, any vice that we cannot
but insist on rationalizing,
yet we cannot conform him
to any convenient brand--
Fox news asserts he's a leftist--
Oh but MSNBC swears he's a
Right-winged terrorist--

And he's why we fear the
burqa, the hijab, any veil of
religious, spiritual piety--
But we do not fear the sight of
overtly sexualized advertisement
that our children confront

And he's why we fear the
utterance of Muhammad--
peace be upon him--
But we do not fear the sound of
the pejorative, malicious words
we use to denote blacks,
women, Mexicans, Asians,
gays--anyone who does not
imitate the "standard"
human being...

And he's why we fear the
convening of Muslim youths--
But we do not fear the congregation of
incensed, anti-abortion Christians,
harassing, threatening young women,
and igniting abortion clinics
to protect the sanctity of life...

And he's why we fear the
airports, where we glance around
frantically, feverishly, at apparently
potential terrorists--
But we do not fear for the lives
of our unsuspecting victims
as we, intoxicated and belligerent,
sit behind the wheel...

And he's why we fail to notice
the countless dissatisfied Americans,
the starving working-class yearning
for a hint of "all men were created equal,"
an indication of a fair and balanced
education and healthcare system--
Because if we didn't focus all of
our time, energy, and attention
on him, then maybe we would
comprehend the struggles of others,
recognize that America isn't the
greatest nation it deems itself to be,
and that in reality,
we have much to improve,
much to mend, restore, and reform...

We have so many troubles, so
thank God he's a Muslim.


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