A Letter to the Birds That Fly Above My Head


The air becomes dry

and the wind stops mewling

familiar hymns that I stopped singing

So that I may talk to you


and the early years when I couldn’t even read

grow hazy as I become less in touch with you

but, I could never forget that warm smile

laced with your children’s gratitude

distant wisdom that was lost with the grace of your going

I’m reminded of your laughter at every hour of the day

I bask in your boldness ever present at dinner


are you everywhere at once? Or nowhere at all?

maybe you’re still somewhere

or do you reside in someone’s heart?

are you up in heaven as they say?

or are you truly the birds that fly above my head?


I don’t think anyone knows

That we still babble with chirps on our tongues

I heard my mother in the other room mutter to you

but her tone slowed like the tears

that rolled down her cheeks


Can you still reach her?

Could she still hear you

mysteriously sing

In the evening sun?


This poem is about: 
My family
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