The Answer


Am I the only one to look up at the sky and wonder

What is beyond the stars yonder

Like a sponge I soak up information

About anything that I can find

Concerning the delicate formation

Of the science between space and time.


Is there something more than us?

Like a superior being righteous and just?

What was it that gave us reality?

What  was it that gave us form and personality?

How can we know the right answer?


I look up at the sky and contemplate

Over our life's eternal fate

Is there a life after this

In which we can enjoy?

Or simply turn into dust

Before we can employ

The skills we have learned past and present

If so, we must use them or else we'll regret it.


Sometimes I wish there was more than me

Something that governs reality

I wonder about more worlds than one

I wonder about those who know about us.

Will they ever come?


So was the universe made in seven days

Or was it just a coincidence?

I'm here for a reason

One I must find out

And so every season

This is what I think about.


Can science and religion really be the same,

Maybe different explanations for the same game?

Maybe different versions of the same story,

Maybe different ways of storytelling.

I want to know the answer.


In the end

This is what it comes to

I want to know what's up

But who knows why? Who?

I might be alone in this interminable quest

But to find out for myself is my greatest wish


I will know The Answer.

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