Dear God


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(poems go here) Dear God,

I've had a long day

and I've been trying to pray,

but the words on my mind,

keep spilling out in rhyme.

I know everything happens for a reason,

a prime example of that staple fact is seasons,

but sometimes my path seems hard to follow,

and my heart and bones feel a bit hollow.

"Birds have hollow bones,

Birds don't need phones,

Birds can fly,

Why can't I?"

Now back to what I came to say,

oh yes, I'd been musing about my day,

pondering my destiny,

and all you have in store for me.

I try to always laugh and smile,

but sometimes i remember I'm no longer a child,

my frowns bring me down,

as if I've tripped over a much too long gown.

I'm not one to easily take the fall,

I normally stand fairly tall,

At five foot three,

you know i mean that figuratively.

High School's hard, I know you've heard it all before,

and my story isn't one of adventure and gore,

just of a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders,

who sometimes tries to move too big of boulders.

Sometimes I cry,

even when there's nothing in my eye,

emotions spill over in tears,

it doesn't get any easier through the years.

I may be only seventeen,

but often it seems older than I'm meant to be,

I don't want to grow up,

because sometimes my head wants to pop.

Live life as through the yes of a child,

and your adventures, may they always be wild,

but in the end you may seem grown up,

and that, well it just might be enough.


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