Loki's kiss

You reach for me in the dark
Warm hands knead my heart
You whisper softly
Baby you’ve got me
You hold me in dreams
Is this as real as it seems?
I want to stay like this forever
Carelessly lost in heaven
I can sing of love in a verse
But this love is cursed
My words are sick
My curse is this
Mine is Loki’s kiss
I bring fallacy and trickery
Everywhere with me
The weakness of a god
Beneath this mortal sod
My lies filled so many graves
Can’t help it it’s just my way
Untruth and i are old allies
But it’s an ally i despise
Evil is in my nature, my soul
I’m fuelled by hatred so cold
I’m the god of mischief
But I’m tired of this shit
I want to end it quickly
Leave and take you with me
But my past won’t let go
I’m judged here and by those at home
I wanna lose their faces loses their names
And get right out of this place
Part of me cries
I wanna fight
 I wanna die
But i will not leave you behind  x2
You quiet the rage in my heart
You’re the only sane part
Of my insane life
Everything about you feels right
When I’m with you i feel like a man
Not just another god damned
When you’re gone i weep
To the point of no sleep
But i can’t keep you close
Cos we both know
My words are sick
My curse is this
Mine is Loki’s kiss.


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