I knew there was something truly magical about the trees. 

My little sister,

nature's mortal fae, 

taught me how to speak to the trees. 

It was the most amazing phenomenon 

and I fear she's long since abandoned her love. 


Once day,

after a friend snow,

she took me outside 

and after playing in the mushy piles

of white precipitation, 

she guided me to a tall oak. 

She told me to press my hands against its bark,

eyes closed and head tilted backwards. 

She told me to feel the tree

clear my mind

and listen. 


At the time I wish I'd paid more attention to her words. 

I want to speak to many trees

and hear their wisdom

flow through me like the wind through their brances. 

Because at the time, 

however, brief, 

it felt like I truly had communed with a god. 


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