Something you are given at birth

A sense of love, happiness

Sadness, pain and family

A beautiful yet treacherous

Addition to the human frame


As a child, there is happiness

And love

A feeling of fulfillment

No regret or depression

But soon… it will come


Grown into a young woman…

The world is flying whilst

I am falling

Who’s to catch me?

Arms flailing, heart crying


Ambulance sirens fill your mind

With thoughts of what could be

Possible happiness in this world

Or definite happiness in which

I become extinct


Nobody caught me, my body is an

Empty vessel, moving amongst the crowd

From where I want to leave

This isn’t a life, nor a purgatory

But a nightmare, a living hell


Just as I’m about to leave to finish my deed

He comes to me in tears and embraces me

A feeling in which I’ve never once felt

Until this very moment

I’ve found my light


My life had started at my stages of adulthood

It was empty and nothing before

Just a scarred vessel shell with no emotion

Now it’s a flourishing garden

Where my heart grows day by day


My heart along with theirs

I now believe in love and God

For His love and angels sent me faith

And a life anew.

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