There Was But One Man

In the entire history of humanity
there was but One Man
who practiced love and anmity
as perfect as one can.
He is better than any other
and no one could come close.
He cared for me like a brother
with Father and Holy Ghost.
To this world He came
humble and small
our lives never to be the same,
lying in an animal stall.
He grew and started teaching
how to love our neighbor as ourself
for three years he went preaching,
His divinity on the shelf.
Then he was put in prison
mistreated and sent to die
and as that cross was risen,
His mother began to cry.
But He comforted her and all
as He offered up His life
He overcame the fall
and conquered all earthly strive
because from the grave did He ascend
and rise into the sky
The wrath of God He did mend
so to heaven we can fly
and meet our Father face-to-face
never to be alone,
comforted forever by His embrace
as He says "welcome home."

This poem is about: 
Our world


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