The Rented House

We are all renters here
Living in borrowed space
Here and there, far and near
For the entire human race

We are all tenants here
In this beautiful house
Here and there, far and near
But we treat it with such abuse

We are all roommates here
To share what was given
Here and there, far and near
But ours sins must be forgiven

We are all strangers here
This land is not our own
Here and there, far and near
Yet I think we have always known

We are all debtors here
It's the end of the month
Here and there, far and near
The landlord, us, he will confront

And say

“Why is this poor child forced to sleep
Among the dead pets I use to keep
Outside in the cold and rain and sleet
Is this the kind of crop you wish to reap?”

“And here! My plants, my garden is dead
Once green trees are now brown and red
I labored so hard and long til my hands bled
To think you would take care of it, I was misled”

“My house! My walls are covered in grime
Smoke from coals, gas. This is a crime!
The beautiful floor was dug up for wartime
So much food rotted and turned to slime!”

“Oh what damage my children have done
To this land I made for them out of love
I guess they were not ready, too young
No payment is high enough for this, none!”

“They promised to take care of it, all lies!
Theses selfish acts will lead to their demise
To watch this house crumble before their eyes
This shall be their punishment; it is wise”

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Our world
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