So I've created a mission

To spread my decision

To talk about my beliefs about the topic of religion.

A touchy subject, people get defensive,

But it's a result of the way it gets presented.


So here I start, but before I do,

Just remember that God created you,

And he loves you no matter the things you say or do.

That's why he gave us Jesus, His only son,

Who gave up His life so our life may never be done.

He hung from the cross with you in mind,

His hands and feet were pierced, He was one of a kind.

His crown of thorns remind us He is a king.

Although He can't be seen,

He rules the world with His wide open wings.


He looks out for me and for you,

So we may gather up His light and apply it to

Shine for others to see,

Inspire those to thank Him for what He did for me,

When He was dying on that tree

To save me from my sins so I wouldn't have to plea,

And to enter the gates of heaven without paying a fee.


He took my burden and threw it over His shoulder,

Then threw it away, even though it was bigger than a boulder,

And with it, made the world seem a little less colder.

Because you see, Darkness is the absence of Light,

But Light shines bright and it will put up a fight,

Because you're worth all the might it takes to give you sight

So you may see the difference

Between what is wrong and what is right.


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