No God, No Hope

I look around only to find

Sixteen year olds are pregnant,

Twelve year olds are getting high.


Innocent people are getting shot

And teens are committing suicide,

This fellowship we have is just a facade.


No one seems to care

About the things that truly matter.

Have we all forgotten the power of prayer?


The world may feel hopeless

And filled with darkness

But all we need is to refocus.


Because society could be so much greater

if we opened up the word

And found our purpose from our Creator.


Imagine a world

Where we all worshipped together

And everybody learned-


You do have a purpose,

There is so much in store for you;

Find yourself in His verses.


With Christ my life makes sense,

and I feel the need to share it:

Without Him, I'm a mess.


We are live in a Godless time,

The world is so nefarious.

So I'm trying to repair it with a rhyme.



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