Devil's Battle

And the battle begins... He strikes from every angle...He sneaks in through them doors of... lust and desire.And every time you're weak, angry hungry or tired...HE FIRES! Liar.... (liar) He clouds your vision... You see the fool's gold as gold, the real gold as garbage,This life as your real goal, the death is so far fetched... You don't see this enemy... You see the enemy in your spouse,You feel emptiness in your house,You go out (you go out...) The vain is in focus... He crawls under your skin and into your veins,Whisperin' bogus claims till all that remains is remains of...Shame and hopelessness... You pace back and forth with this...You can't cope with this... You try to pray but you can't pray, Your heart's weary and tired, Every place that used to glow is now dark, scary and quiet, You feel them walls closin' in...You're frozen... dozin' off in the sin... So you put your head down and pray, and pray harder and harder,And pour your heart out in tears and just... Say how you feel... You look up... you're forgiven! Now what? Now keep moving! Keep running...If you can't run than just walk, if you can't walk then just crawl... But never stay still! 'Cause the most sure target to hit...Is the one that don't move! And the most secure guard you can get is with GODHe's the ONE that don't lose! And He's waiting for me and you...

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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