Life Adjourned

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 17:27 -- npeer


There are people who find solace in death
I find the angel's path sodden, indifferent
There are those who yearning to lose their breath
But stop themselves with the lord being reverent

To choose, to choose, to choose, to choose to leave
No goodbye, taking with you my sanity
Announce to the town, to the heavens, thief
you're leaving behind an empty eternity

No thoughts, no feelings, a barren field
Death's angel harvesting your existent hope
Experiments of faith that no longer yield
A fruitful present with means to elope

When you wither to the place of no return
I sit here and process another life adjourned.

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Kisa Amora

Wonderful. A truelly an odd peice that is all that it is. Bravo and I'm sorry. This poem makes me want to say that I'm sorry. Lovely, and nice life.


thank you. 

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