Earth's intrinsic temple

Thu, 06/03/2021 - 18:49 -- mrapook

Expressing on paper has always been easier for me,
as my conversations are with the sea.
for i ascertain some of life’s secrets never hearing a word
while the waves caress and love me.

The world’s always rocking back and forth
and while the day begins to dim...
heavens become sprinkled with diamonds
as the billows hum lullaby hymns.

Come to the temple where sand is an altar
and the wind blows through your hair,
a place where you are always heard
while the ocean relays her prayer.

The dress, is quite trivial
as is the pigment of one’s skin,
donations are unheard of
for the pulpit’s native kin.

Services commence at anytime
you go as frequently as you please,
they’re all over the world; these sanctuaries
along the edge of the seas.

And all that’s ever asked of you;
is the worshipping of freedom and peace...
it’s a deity of individual choice;
Earth’s intrinsic temple – the beach.

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