These things are running through my mind
God's path for me is hard to find.
It's true, there are things that I do wrong
Maybe sing the dirty parts of a song...
Or use the words of others
And then use that mouth to kiss my mother.
I know that He is not proud

But I am to scared to pray
Fearing what He might say.
I'm scared of what he thinks of me
Because to Heaven, I hold no key.
Promises In have broken
Have ridden me of my token
To come before my maker unashamed
My name is stained
With the things in my past...

I need direction, I need a sign
To know that I again can be divine
In the sight of God
Instead of living in fraud...
I''ve almost lost hope, but I still try
But I always ask myself, why?
I can't be forgiven of those sins.

He told me what I was doing was wrong
But I kept singing that dirty song.
See where it's led me?
He'll never forgive me...
Hown can I confess what I have done?
It seems as though Satan has won...
But I don't want to give up.
Christ drank from that cup
So that I would be forgiven.

If I was God I would not want me
My sins would not "be forgiven thee."
God, though, is perfect.
I do not deserve it.
Can I confess my tainted spirit?
Does God really want to hear it?
If I could go back in time
There would be no rhyme.
And life would be better...

The weight on my shoulders is too heavy
I wish that I could be ready!
To meet my God without shame
Because I have tainted my name.
I've sold myself short
But you can't see my remorse
Because I hide behind my other sins
To prevent others from seeing within
The hardships pf my heart.


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