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Mon, 07/29/2013 - 21:01 -- Jammyz

Many wish to talk to me about the things I ought to be but understand I fought to be all the things I am right now.

They preach the word like hypocrites with artificial stimulants and frankly I'm just sick of it. Forgive me when I think out loud.

Claiming boldly to know it all, guilt tripping to altar calls, and building pride before their falls and failures, finally showing through.

But follow the story carefully since truth is just so rare to see and understand that where you'll be is not the place they're going to.

Most just want inside your pockets and manipulate with clever doctrine, but what a creative way to shoplift, I wish I would have thought it first!

Cuz then I could be just as rich, support my wife, adopt some kids, and host gigantic missions trips then tell people "It's God! It works!

Just recite this twice a day and pray at night, then wash your face and know it's worth the price you pay when you reap hundred fold!

Then you'll feel the love of God, when you look at the things you've got, and praise the one whose love you bought with servitude and a hundred souls!"

But I could never fathom this, how they could spread this cancerous, disgusting lie and practice it and then presume to sleep at night.

These clever fools of wizardry will gladly spread this misery to see some people fill the seats and then their pockets next in line.

I want people to be free, not pleading at some preacher’s feet for a word from God and decent sleep so they can make it through the day.

I want love to conquer all, to live for love or not at all… I have a dream, before we fall we’ll live and love and die this way.


© Jemaell Riley 2010


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