Soter Taurus ( Free Verse )

Many times I brood alone

Thinking of the world’s melancholy mourning

Bearing the weight of creation

Upon my hateful human heart,


Until a presence fills me 

You’ve come again to tell me 

Chiqitita- the world’s got so much more

Your light, O’ Giver of Plenty, is what I live for.


WIth you, I’m efflorescent

I dance with you to the pounding music 

Share drinks with you until we’re drunk with laughter

And cry with you until rivers are no more,


You free me from care

The ever looming dread I live in

And have allowed me to once in my life

Act my own age for once,

Your ivy covered hands 

Reach mine where other gods couldn’t 

You consult me - even to the littlest things

You, O’ Theoenus, love me for me,


I praise thee  O’ Soter Taurus,

 GIver of Life,

Everyday I feel your presence, 

So let us dance our cares away till eternity passes around us.



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