Walk with me, Lord!

Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!
Walk with me, Lord! Walk with me!
While I’m on my pilgrim journey,
I need You, Jesus, to walk with me.

Say it loud Im black and I’m proud 

I said say it loud Im black and Im proud  And I want to say it loud but the gunshots from those cops are drowning out my voice  I know God makes life and taketh away  But I know that these boys aren’t supposed to die this way  Arizona and skittles have become threats to those who lack security, playing security, when there is nothing to be secured  are you sure??  "Stand down we have someone on the way" but instead you stood your ground cause in flordia thats what they say  Say it loud Im black and I’m proud  I said say it loud I’m black and I’m proud  and I want to but Im afraid someone will hurt me because of the way God made me  people assume that I am just complaining  but when someone follows you around a store and calls you words you never heard before  things change views change  life hits  and not soft  more like the bullets I heard behind my house at 3 in the morning  more like finding out one of my brothers family is I’m mourning  more like watching a man being chocked to death and restrained by multiple men because he was supposedly selling cigarettes  are you kidding me I am tried of seeing unnecessary deaths come across my tv  notifying me that swat raided the wrong house and killed a 12 year old girl  Is it hard to do things right I mean  MLK said say it loud I’m black and I’m proud  James brown said say it loud I’m black and I’m proud  but I’m afraid to  I want to warn you first hand that this message is not going to be easy  not for me or you because the lies being told and the secrets being hidden can make a difference no matter what your race  I am not here to compare whites to blacks or Mexicans to Philippinoes I am here to educate you on some history of mine  Things that remain untold in our history books  some things that remain hidden back in time 

The reason why history class does not catch my attention

How do you expect me to pay attention if you claim that most of our history was established by Europeans  how do you expect me to listen  when every time we talk about Africans we talk about their pain and suffering but never their inventions  the AC, the cellphone, the clothes dryer, the door knob, elevator, fire escape, fountain pen,gas mask, guitar, the ironing board, the key chain, the lock,the mailbox,, refrigerator, stove, traffic light, the riding saddles, light bulb, potato chip, the blood bank, pace maker, typewriter, lawn mower, and the most important the pressing comb because that is the only invention I have seen in my history book besides peanut butter  and I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that guy Christopher Columbus wasn’t that guy your history books taught you  he did not happen to find North America on his own  he was helped by  moors otherwise known as black muslims who were free from slavery they had already been to North Nmerica because Native Americans were with who people in Africa traded  and don’t think that is the end of it  because it doesn’t stop there  it was more than just Columbus and the moors it was people wrapped in chains lying under his ship floor  and I know a lot of you won’t believe me but to be honest that okay I just need to know that you have at least heard it  and don’t remain ignorant to these things  Im not here to make anyone uncomfortable but when we get down to it our history is no where near comfy and I need you to understand its not just black history it is everyones history and I know this poem might make some people dislike me but the Lord said the truth shall make you free  and I’m not one for controversy but lying is one of my biggest pet peeves An "A" in my history class wouldn’t mean a thing to me regardless of how many points my gpa goes up  I refuse to sit back, watch and be taught that the reason why we have justice was lincoln, when it was just us  Signing those papers was not for the benefit of us, but for the union  the union  they only considered us 3/5 human  so when you tell me to thank lincoln for my freedom I will not because  the reason I am here today is because of MLK, Malcom X, Freedom Riders, Rosa Parks, The Black Panthers,  angela davis, Ida b. wells, Fredrick Douglass, W.E. B. Du Bois and many many more  but where are they found not on page 50, 53, or 64  and don’t expect me to thank Ghandi becauuse he did nothing for us yes he was an activist but we must not be fooled by his persona and here by quote this were his words for us "Kaffirs (blacks) are as a rule uncivilized. They are troublesome, very dirty and live almost like animals.”  but yet there is a live statue of him in front of the MLK museum  This world has got me messed up  and don’t tell me to get over it because we haven’t even gotten that far  now I know there is no more colored only signs  and no more Freedom rider bus rides  but trust me when I say that is all that has changed  because when I walk into Ihop and I see all whites on one side and all blacks on the other  doesn’t that make you question why  and when I see a video of a man asking a black women to sit in the back of the bus  does that not make you cry  when I see innocent boys being shot and killed and left in the street for hours it makes me angry it makes me think of the past hangings when they would have picnics to pic a ni**a and hang and if you did know what picnic stood for well now you know and after the picnic was over they would leave them there as an example for others and if you don’t see that happening today your either blind or in denial  Billie Holiday said it best "Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh"

and I know some of these cops got people fooled thinking there here to serve and protect but lately it seems like there here to murder and arrest 

"hands up don’t shoot"

and I know all lives matter but when I see my brothers dying on national tv 

I can’t help but speak out on the issue 

some people wanted me to keep silent because there uncomfortable with what I preach 

but little do they know this is only the beginning 

this is going to be a wild journey

and I want you to walk with me


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