I am like a graceful flower

Still rubbing my eyes to smell the toasty sun

I stretch and reach every day

Hands upholding the fluffy sunlight


Like a delicate flower

Fleeing the silent pincher bugs day by day

and night by night

Run, get away, quickly the whispers tell

Ask for help around you


But the flower, my heart

May not listen at times

Heeding to the sweetened poisonous water


But yet again, the root never ceases to exist

Tugging, pulling, strengthening the slight whisper

Forcing the flower to face up

and admire the light burden

which is eye-blinding

time and time again


Closer and closer

to the limitless blue dye

Farther and farther from the spoiled red apple


And because of this, I become graceful

like a flower.


Reach, reach, open my eyes,

to see the sight of Jesus.


₁grace = one of the hebrew meanings for the name, Hannah

₂flower = the english meaning of the japanese word, hana (花)

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