"You're an atheist?!"

"You know you're going to hell right?"

"I'll be praying for you."

Yes. I'm an atheist.

No that does not mean that

I worship Satan, or

I hate religion, or

I hate God, or

I hate religious people.

It just means

I don't need some invisible man in the sky telling me how to run my life.

I don't need a thousand page, allegorical book to help me.

I don't need ten commandments to know right from wrong.

I don't need religion to have morals. 

I don't need to pray for what I want or need, I get my ass up and do it myself.

Most importantly it means, I can't blame God for anything that goes wrong in my life.

I'm not going to bash you for your beliefs,

That's simply not my style. 

That's not something a good natured person would do,

Regardless of their religion.

So, until the end of time,

I'm just chillin'. 




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