Over the Hill

I heard the grass is greener on the other side

Only if you abide

By the rules they preach to sinners

Only those who reach it are truly winners

And the everlasting pulsing is gone

I’m coming home

Ascending the mountain, soul alone

Where the judgments delay

That’s where I will stay


Over the Hill

Where the waters all run still

And the dreams you meant to fulfill

Really do come true

And will I see you?

That’s all I’ve tried to do

To reach you

Through the wintry chill

Body laying still

Over the Hill


Do not cry for me

Please, my dear son

The battle is won

Do not try to join me

You’ve only just begun

Fight for your right to live

For the right to love

To receive and to give


The treacherous journey I have taken

The moments of happiness forsaken

Morality, conscience misshapen

I can relive it all

Once I have reached the call

From over the Hill


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