Let Us Spread God's Word

I can see a city,
A busy city with people bustling,
People rush into their cars,
And they go to work.

Above all that bustle,
Is the voice of God,
Calling out to every one,
Trying to have them listen,
To what he has to say,

"Listen to me",
He says,
But no one listens,
But a few people hear him,
And ask what he wants,

God says that,
He wants his word to spread,
To spread like wild fire,
But the people are too busy,
To pay attention,
To what God has to say.

One of these busy people hear Him,
And they ask what He wants,
God tells this person to stop,
To stop what he's doing,
And listen to what He has to say.

The busy man says okay,
And does what he's told,
He learned the word of God,
And spread it as God said to do.

I can see a city,
A city that once did not know God,
But because of one person,
They all changed for the better.

I can see a city,
It is still a busy city,
But it worships God,
And the bustling people,
All rush into their cars,
To go learn more of God's word.


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