Humanistic Conditioning

Sat, 04/19/2014 - 14:45 -- ccmp123


Humanistic Conditioning

Not primal only divine.

Values and priorities,
Can be met with no effort!

With just strong harmonic work ethic
All waitress with strength.

No functions of nature can truly suppress, ones wealth
Worth every inch of magic
weaved out of our hands
in cosmic threads.

The nature of our dimensions is not just shapes and lines
Formulates every combination of theory yet to be known

An idea of evolution inspires a great weakness
Without the inspiration of creativity.
Evolution is left without a spark
Chains in chemical relations...

Opening another reality
is worthless.

Formulating intentions and planning...
Without an idea of extraordinary compositions of time and space
Who needs not another
Then to just to walk by guidance in pure clarity.
Not a blank slate.

Just be In faith with every idea.

Discovering discovery itself is innovated enough to bring all else
From lost to found....

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