Religious Pamphlets, Devotions

I have collected church pamphlets in the past
They sit wedged in between some of my books.
They have a seductiveness to me.
They are like a child's stuffed bear. Even though I have questions and doubts of their objective claims. I knew that when I was looking in them, a memorable peace fell over my soul, and stopped the fighting self, the easily worn individual
If I stress my own Individuality over everything else
It can be burdensome to maintain
Going alone in this world with
others who all share in this same
faulty nature.
Maybe mythologies like this
exist for a reason.
To release all pressures one may
have on the contemporary self, going at it like the
heroes of antiquity and legend.
Being always on guard over their image
Their thoughts and ideas, even when the
threat to their security isn't there.
And even if it is under threat,
How can we live that way?
How? Without feeling angst,

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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