Hold On


When the ships starts to tremble amid the threatening waves of the ocean

As the sky turns into giant puffs of blackness

Hold on

Hold on tight

Do not give into fear

For it is merely an illusion

A mental state of mind that can be broken.



Escape those thoughts of fear and uneasiness.

Do not let them overtake you

For you are protected along the whole way.

Hold on to the handles on the ship

Place your feet steady on the wooden floors of triumph.

The turbulence is almost over

Drops of sweat may roll down your scalp

The storm may look long and never-ending

It may sway you around the ship from one side to another

But I assure you

Do not fear the movement

And do not forget

Above it all

Your are not alone

Above you are mighty strong hands that hold you together.

They hold you tighter and safer than you imagine.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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