Face to The Sky


Gun in his hand with his face to sky / Ashamed of himself, he started to cry / Freak, Homo, Loser, Gay / Venom-dripped insults everyday / Nobody knows what he's feeling at night / The pain he goes through, the internal fight / Pulled the trigger, hit the floor / And just like that, he was no more. / Pills in her hand with her face to the sky / Her life was a mess but she didn't know why / Read the Bible, went to school / Fed the homless, followed the rules / Lost her job, her money, her car / Bills overdue so she drinks at the bar / Took the pills, locked the door / And just like that, she was no more. / Feet on the edge with my face to sky / Not sure how I got here, just wanted to die /  Marks and bruises cover my arms / Below me are sirens and screaming alarms / My life full of violence will come to a stop / "But wait," said God, "You will soon be on top." / "I made you strong, I made you wise," / "And I will not take you despite all your cries." / Time to jump, I've been here too long / hearing voices, but could I be wrong? / "Your ears don't decieve you for I speak aloud," / "Not many can hear me, of you I am proud." / Proud of me? With all I have done? / He should be ashamed at the girl I've become / "Your heart is pure and your love is kind, yet you're choosing to leave all your loved ones behind." / Take a walk in my shoes, it's way more complex  / I'm caught up in gangs, if I live, they die next. / "I do understand; I designed your shoes" / "With me on your side, there is no way to lose."  / "Go back home, take this pen," / "Mark through your errors. Begin again." / Took the step. Wrote til sore / And just like that I lived once more.                                                                                                                                                                                                    


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

powerful msg

feel the msg of what's been said

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