"What A World..."


Jackson Area Career Center
6700 Browns Lake Road IT Office
United States
42° 9' 56.0448" N, 84° 24' 40.0356" W
  • Where those who preach acceptance
  • Breathe prejudice and hate
  • All we ask is for repentance
  • 1000 virgins are their fate?
  • Vegan's for abortion...
  • Pastor's for gay rights...
  • It's all out of proportion
  • So many sleepless nights
  • Let's remember how to love
  • Not accept and try to live
  • Money's not enough
  • We have so much to give
  • Grace and Grace alone
  • Grant's us our salvation
  • like an old and weary bone
  • broken is this nation
  • Patriot's stay strong
  • let not your pasion waver
  • Fear alone is wrong
  • Remember love thy neighbor
  • If at times it all seems lost
  • When terror strikes at home
  • Just know there still is a cost
  • To repair this broken bone


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