I don't know why He Keep Blessing Me


So I woke up one day and wondered where I was headed

because I can't look back my past it has been embeded

No time for regrets so I gotta keep moving

but ironically I can't move because my past wasen't soothing

What is holding me back? I presume its the constant Sin

Ima ask for forgivness then be back at it again

And I don't know why He keep blessing me

I don't know why He keep blessing me

So I wake up on Sunday & Im ready to go to Church

I get filled with the Word and re-enter the world like a burning Torch

But instead letting the fire burn on

I catch myself in a bad predicament and just like that the fire is gone

Another week passes by and I feel held by sin again

So I call God and ask for forgivness once again

And I don't why He keep blessing me

I don't why He keep blessing me

So its Sunday and Church is how I start my week

I look in the eyes of my peers and see that some are weak

So I decided to approach them and see how things been

Little did I know they were caught in the same struggle I been in

But they didn't know how to deal with it and move on like I did

So I shared my knowledge of God and His forgivness for His kids

Now I know why He keep blessing me..

So I can Bless you.


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