The Message


What is my mission?

How can I inspire?

I want to make a difference, but I’m just so tired.

Tired of a culture that worships their devices

Yet judges me for choosing to worship a Creator,

I’m tired.

Surrounded by people so devoted to the weekend,

So invested in late nights under neon lights and drinkin’

but what makes me different?

I’m still a slave to my sins.

Lusting over things that can breathe 

or increase my bank statement.

Yet I still call myself a Christian.

I knew a guy who never met our world’s true King,

His impression of the church was 

hypocrites and judgement,

And the message of Christ was 

tainted by the fighting,

Between denominations over small matters

like baptizing.


So how can we win over the ones

who don’t know Him,

when the members of the church 

repel more than they invite in?

At this rate we will not win. 

That guy I knew refused to go back again,

And thousands of others are just like him.

I know I am young and I can’t recite

the whole doctrine, 

But I believe there’s a big message we’re missing

in the fine print:

Christianity is not about perfection,

but something different. 

It’s about unfailing love and the act of forgiving.


The truth is we all have an issue with sinning, 

But there is only one who can judge 

the crimes we’ve been committing

and its not me, nor is it you, 

because our histories are not clean.

It is the Lord above all, the King of all Kings:

and His son did not die for church pews to be empty,

but to be filled with humble men,

united as one body. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Great poem.


Thank you so much!


Wow, that was a very deep and powerful poem right there. Good Job!


Like everyone we have our own story about life but sometimes you cant share this with people but definitely it memorize me some good and bitter memories anyhow will help you in writing because i believe we must help people.

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